Photos of Herbal Haven

There are a handful of albums in the gallery to browse through. On the nursery we have lots of large herbs that look stunning when they come into flower. As a lot of the herbs we sell are generally not in flower, the gallery is a good place to catch a glimpse of the herb as it will look in your garden. This is especially true of the many medicinal herbs we sell which do not really reach their true potential until they are growing in the ground. We also have many of our customers taking photographs of the stall at the various shows we attend and they kindly forward them onto us.

Each show is unique with different sizes and shape of pitch space so organising the stall to look the best it can keeps the old grey matter ticking over each weekend. It is also good to look back at the photos in the depths of winter and remember that the sun was actually shining.

There are some pictures of the nursery and people working here so you can see what we get up to and a few of the displays we have done at various horticultural shows over the years.