Designing a herb garden

Whether you have a few pots or a large garden, it is always enjoyable designing and deciding what to grow.
Herbs slip easily into a general garden planting scheme; many of them have beautiful flowers (think of Echinacea, calendula, salvias, thymes), add stature (angelica, fennel), texture (clary sage, mullein, and southernwood), scents (lemon verbena, balm of Gilead) or attract bees (marjoram, oregano, catnip).
Often a herb garden is designed and planted in its own right, especially ones with a theme, culinary or medicinal for example. For ease it is particularly beneficial to have your culinary herbs close to the house.
There is definitely reluctance otherwise to venture out into the dark with a torch for that bit of rosemary whilst cooking the evening meal.
Below are some herb garden designs to inspire you to create your own (or copy them).
We are very happy to help with ideas if you need them, simply ring or drop us an email.

  • Planning example 1
  • Planning example 2
  • Planning example 3