How Herbal Haven began

We were originally small farmers and first became interested in herbs when a friend fresh from horticultural college came to stay with us. At the time we grew several varieties of potatoes and sold these primarily on a roadside stall, along with locally produced soft fruit, logs, Christmas trees and eggs and our friend began to grow a few herbs to sell there too.

A year later she moved away to get a ‘proper’ job, but we had become hooked on herbs by then and continued growing them, gradually expanding the range, selling at local fetes and markets. It was quite a steep learning curve but that was over twenty years ago and now we grow over one hundred and fifty varieties, including cut and come again salads, medicinal, aromatic and culinary herbs.

We attend over one hundred shows a year around the country where we enjoy meeting and chatting with customers and also send out a regular supply of herbs via our on line shop. Even so our nursery is still fairly small and run with the help of a small team of enthusiastic people. We cherish the wildlife we have here. There are toads, frogs and newts living underneath the trays in the tunnels (and slugs too unfortunately) and always plenty of bees, hoverflies, dragonflies and butterflies all attracted by the flowering plants.