November Newsletter 2008

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the first of the Herbal Haven Winter Newsletters.

I’m Vanessa and I make most of the Herbal Haven medicinal products that you can buy on our website.

We all know the saying ‘we are what we eat’ and we can appreciate too, that it is as important to be cautious about what we put onto our bodies. It is known that we absorb around 6o% of products applied to the skin. It is important, therefore, both to me and to the people who are buying and using our herbal products, that the ingredients are as natural and close to the original plants as possible. Most of the ingredients I source are organic or pesticide-free and farmed bio-dynamically, where possible. Sustainability and ethical sourcing are also important to me. I do not add any plastics, petro-chemical derivatives or parabens.

I thought I would highlight some of the gift ideas from the medicinal pages of our online shop as presents for people you love to look after.

We have a gorgeously festive Frankincense Cream. It is rich, nourishing and totally natural. Here are some of the main ingredients: Frankincense essential oil and aromatic water provide the rejuvenating properties to improve tired, blemished skin, having been used since Egyptian times in cosmetics and perfumes. Palma-rosa, a wonderful essential oil which helps to moisturise dry skin. It has been used extensively in the cosmetic and perfume industries but only as a fragrance. Avocado and almond oils which are richly moisturising. I feel that they help the cream to go deeper through the layers of skin. Benzoin, which is my preferred plant based preservative. This means that the creams do have a relatively short shelf life (approximately 3 months) but I do make them in 30ml jars which generally last about a month when used as a daily moisturiser.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to drink a herb tea from loose ingredients you definitely need to try these out. The flavours have real depth and are great alternatives to caffeinated hot drinks.

Three Teas Gift Pack

The 3 teas gift box contains, you guessed it, 3 gorgeous loose herb dried blends that have a refreshing taste and delicate aroma.They are: Rose, Lavender & Marigold; Peppermint, Yarrow & Elderflower; and Jasmine, Orange-blossom & Green tea. They are very simple to prepare. To make a pot, take a herbalists handful (2 tblsps) of the blend and add this with some boiling water to a tea pot. Infuse for 5 mins. Strain and enjoy. To make a cup, use 2 tsps of the herb blend infused in hot water for 5 mins. Strain and enjoy.

The last gift box is a delicious assortment of all the rose products:

Rose Gift Pack

Rose damascena aromatic water in a handy 30ml spray bottle. Use as a balancing and hydrating mister for the face. It may also be used in cooking. Try adding to a glass of water and sip through the day and delight in the Rose. It uplifts the spirit and gladdens the heart.

Beautiful Rose, Lavender & Marigold tea. The rose and Lavender provide the floral aroma, whilst the Marigold gives the tea its depth.

Rose balm. A soothing, smoothing delicate balm. Use as a beautiful lip balm to soothe and hydrate rough lips.Great for taking makeup off. Use on dry and sore skin.

Love & happiness oil blend. A gorgeous blend with Clary sage to make you smile and Rose to uplift the heart with a twist of Cinnamon and Ginger for a spicy and sensual edge. Use it for massage or in the bath… Hot Tip! Add the oil to a little milk first and then add to the hot water. This will help the oil to disperse in the water and not sit on top.

Hope you enjoy the gifts, whether you decide to buy for a loved one or yourself. One last thing…start getting festive by slicing a few oranges and drying them in the airing cupboard. They bring a touch of tradition to any Christmas decoration