October Newsletter 2009

Hello and welcome to October’s newsletter.

It’s the end of our season now and all the shows have finished except our local market on Saturdays. Last week we all went for a meal at a local pub where we scoffed plenty of food and drank lots of wine. It’s always a bit sad this time of year when everyone disappears to get on with their lives. Tony and Stu are still here at the moment but Helard has gone off to do a college course in stone masonry and Claire is heading to Nepal.

We occasionally do talks to gardening clubs and the like, usually in early spring and autumn. Recently Zsuzsa made a type of flat bread for a talk she was giving. This prompted a couple of people there to email in recipes that they regularly use and would be happy for us to put on the newsletter.

Tony, who has worked for us this year, has another life as a photographer and over the course of the season has taken a few shots of the herbs, some of which he has given us to display in this months newsletter.

Think that’s it for October – enjoy the photos and the recipes. I think next month Nessa, who makes all the creams, balms and medicinal products for the website, will be writing the November issue.

Have a great autumn,


Black Pepper and Savory Flatbread

Small cabbage – white or green grated
250g self raising flour
handful winter savory
1 egg
black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.
Using your fingers spread it out on a baking sheet to half an inch thick.
Bake at 190 centigrade for 20 – 25 minutes.


Light Green Creamy Sauce

2 bunches parsley
2tins anchovies
half to one white onion
dollop olive oil

Put all the ingredients together and blend.
Add to pork, fish, turkey or on bread.
( with thanks to the lady at the cheese festival )


Lemon Balm Crumble

Fresh breadcrumbs ( made by grating or food processing slightly stale bread )
Bunch lemon balm

Combine all three ingredients together in a food processor and use for stuffing mushrooms, or as a coating for chicken.

Some of this year's photos:

Blackcurrant Sage by Tony

Echinacea by Tony

Echinacea with Butterfly

Evening Primrose by Tony

Herbs in Pots

Herbs ready for loading

Lots of potting to be done

Selling in London