The team at Herbal haven

We are very lucky at Herbal Haven to have a small solid core of locals who have worked on the nursery for several years.
During school holidays it has meant there are often children here to compliment the dogs – keeping us all young at heart and on our toes.
Each season we also have people join us to help on the nursery and travel to shows with the herbs.
Sometimes we have the same people return for several seasons, after travelling during the winter, other times we have brand new staff each season.
It usually makes for a small of friendly team who wander over the fields to the pub of an evening or organise the odd barbecue or two.

team member photo

Lorraine Melton

Lorraine organises all the production side of the nursery and booking the shows.

team member photo

John Webster

John gets organises the plants that are going out to the shows and gets to grips with the paye.

team member photo

Zsuzsa Serer

Zsuzsa, the human dynamo, is usually busy taking cuttings but can do any job on the nursery including taking charge when needed.

team member photo

Jill Smith

With plenty of patience, Jill comes in one day a week to decipher and collate all the hand written scrawls from the shows.

team member photo

Mike Novak

Mike comes in regularly to back up our computers and sort out any other technical niggles that crop up.

team member photo

Socks and grace

Socks and Grace are the wannabe guard dogs that like to bark at unusual noises and people. Although Grace loves everyone, it has taken the postman a fair number of biscuits to convince Socks that he is friend and not foe.